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Mediating Content (For What Am I Responsible?)

When I was in high school I liked rap music.  I still do, but back then I was less particular about the quality of the music’s content.  It was about money, drugs, and women.  To my shame, I sang along … Continue reading

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Who Proposes Marriage?

I recently stumbled on a video of a woman proposing marriage to a man and it prompted me to think about this tradition.  Because while I consider myself personally responsible for the progress of gender equality, I cannot imagine how … Continue reading

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Ellen on Bic Pens for Women

This is a short segment from Ellen, in which she criticizes Bic for a marketing tactic they used based on gender.  My initial reaction was total agreement.  The idea that a pen would be specifically made for women is ludicrous, … Continue reading

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“Sweat. Every. Day.” (It’ll make you attractive.)

Under Amour’s New Commercial: This commercial is fascinating because in its attempt to send a message that defies a gender expectation, it imposes new expectations.  I once heard the expression “women do not sweat, they glisten.”  This commercial pretends to … Continue reading

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“My mind is telling me that you are a great guy… but my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.”

To what will or must you react? In Louie C.K.’s television program Louie, the episode “Bully” features an exchange between two males in the presence of a female, which acts as a messy examination of the mixed expectations that men … Continue reading

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