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Transgender Issues on Glee

Glee, a primetime TV show, prides itself on exploring relevant issues that young people today deal with, particularly those pertaining to sexuality.  While many shows have characters who identify as lesbian and gay, this is one of the few I’ve … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as free choice?

“The Business of Being Born” and “Diagnosing Difference” focus on the negative interactions between patients and medical institutions regarding the issue of free choice when it comes to reproductive and sexual health in general.  I feel that these films strongly … Continue reading

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“It’s Thanksgiving:” Gender Roles at Their Finest

This Thanksgiving break, I came home with a new outlook on gender roles and responsibilities as a result of my experiences in this class.  I suddenly became aware of how certain major aspects of the holiday that I never noticed … Continue reading

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“The Axe Effect – Women – Billions”

This commercial advertising Axe deodorant is a disturbing depiction of the objectification of women under the heterosexual male gaze and the glorification of male sexual desire.  In the ad, swarms of tall, thin women with large breasts, long hair, tiny … Continue reading

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