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For/To what will you or must you re/act?

An answer to this question is suggested by the film “Diagnosing Difference” by Annalise Ophelian.  In the film, thirteen individuals who associate with the transgender identity share their testimonies regarding their personal gender narratives and how the concept of transgender … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal?

Last-summer’s film Hope Springs follows a middle-aged couple, Kay and Arnold (Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones), as they undergo a week of marriage therapy.  Kay demands that they make the trip.  And why shouldn’t she?  As a middle-aged woman … Continue reading

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“Miss Representation”

“Miss Representation” takes the media as a starting point for the inaccurate perceptions and unrealistic expectations for women in American society.  One of the documentary’s biggest strengths is its consistent utilization of statistics to support its claims.  The very first … Continue reading

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Acting like Animals

This semester I am taking an Animal Behavior course for my Biology major.  While the title of the course clearly indicates that it applies to animals, there have been many mistaken anthropomorphizing thoughts running through my mind and lots of … Continue reading

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All Hail the V This advertisement for Summer’s Eve “vaginal care products” comments on female sexuality.  Summer’s Eve wants women to know that vaginas are important, because they deliver babies and add to the population, but mostly because men fight over them.  In … Continue reading

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In the end… we’re all fruit

One excellent film that perhaps could be the basis for some gender and society discussions is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  At the end of the film, after the Wedding, the father of the bride describes the rationalization that allowed … Continue reading

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