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The Kissing Sailor This blogger discusses about how the media have reported some recent news from a couple of months ago about the famous “Kissing sailor” picture taken in Times Square on V-J Day, 1945. All the articles linked cite the words … Continue reading

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“Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her”

I came across this ad form 2009 and I was quite shocked to see that women objectification has been used not only to sell products, but even to promote organ donation. We can see that, as usual, the woman in … Continue reading

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What is oppression?

In the documentary “Diagnosing gender,” several trans people talked about being afraid to go to the doctor because of the discrimination and hostility they have to face when needing to get health care services.  This article about how the Affordable … Continue reading

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Gender Talk

In Gender Talk, several people spoke about gender non-conformity and shared details about their identities or personal experiences. One student talked about the struggle of being both gay and hispanic. He said that being gay and non-gender-conforming in a machista … Continue reading

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Buy Reebok sneakers and make your boobs jealous!   I think that this Reebok commercial is representative of both the objectification of women described by Kilbourne and the cult of slenderness analyzed by Bordo. During the whole ad, the woman remains faceless. Her body is “dismembered” and … Continue reading

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