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For What Are We, Future Health Care Providers, Responsible?

Viewing “Diagnosing Gender” and “The Business of Being Born” enhanced my awareness about what the medical profession has perceived as being their responsibility when providing care for women and transsexual individuals. According to the films, healthcare providers have assumed the … Continue reading

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Miss Representation

One of the central claims made by the documentary, “Miss Representation”, is that mainstream media places emphasis on women’s physical appearance and sexuality rather than on women’s leadership skills and intellect despite how powerful and influential women have been. Several … Continue reading

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Eliminating the Binary Model: Challenging Gender Roles in Regards to Distribution of Parenting

Several examples of heterosexual couples attempting to partake in equal parenting without much success are provided in Belkin’s New York Times article. It’s suggested throughout the article that equally splitting parenting between mothers and fathers isn’t an easy task due … Continue reading

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The Inconsistency of Gender Stereotypes One begins to question how accurate certain stereotypes are especially after noting how they’ve evolved over time such to an effect that they’ve become the total opposite of what they used to be several years ago! Also some stereotypes … Continue reading

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What Is Freedom? – Gentile Infant Surgery

What is Freedom?- Gentile Infant Surgery The issue of individual freedom is brought forth by Anne Fausto-Sterling’s article, “Should There Only Be Two Sexes?” in which she goes into depth about the  problems involving gentile infant surgery: stripping of patients’ … Continue reading

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