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Holiday Shopping while Supporting Women in Transition

Ten Thousand Villages is a store that supports fair trade (more:  On Sunday, 16-Dec, they are holding an event where money raised supports Women in Transition, an organization to help women rebuild their lives away from different types of … Continue reading

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Stories about “the first time”

Our Media Project was about how boys must lose their virginity to become men in Hollywood films.  Here’s a poem from Excelano (the AMAZING spoken word group on campus) which puts two stereotypes (guys having sex, girls falling in love) … Continue reading

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Whale vs. Mermaid

Find below a link to one woman’s oppositional gaze to a poster at her gym that asked customers if they’d rather be a whale or mermaid.  

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Sex – Beyond phsyical pleasure

The conversation today focused on very physical aspects of sex and pleasure.  In thinking about how we will teach our friends or children about sex, I wanted to add that, for some, there can be an emotional aspect to the … Continue reading

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For/To what will you or must you re/act? – Rape in our Culture

I recently visited my brother in Medical School at UVA.  On Saturday night, we went out to a bar with his mature, med school friends.   I soon found out that his friends were not so mature, knowledgeable, or even civilized.  … Continue reading

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“Smart is Sexy” Kmart Commercial

The commercial “Smart is Sexy”, which aired during “Modern Family”, appeals to middle class demographics and emphasizes sex to sell apparel and bedding. Kmart’s target market is probably a middle-class woman who shops for herself and her family. The ad … Continue reading

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What’s at Stake in the Presidential Election – Drugs, Gender and Prioritizing Our Values

After the debate Wednesday night, I expected the panelists in “What’s in Stake in the 2012 Election” to prioritize taxes above anything else. Interestingly, the panelists agreed that the most pressing issue of the 2012 election would be the War … Continue reading

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For your creative side… a poem about eating disorders, “Fat”

Caroline Rothstein is a spoken word poet who graduated from Penn and performed on campus Wednesday, October 3. Her poem, “fat”, has gained national recognition and Lady Gaga highlighted the poem after she came out about her own eating disorder.  The … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights and the 2012 Election

As a non-affiliated registered voter with very political friends, I am often presented with different speeches and materials as to why I should vote democrat or republican.  One of my friends, who is currently working for the Obama campaign, sent … Continue reading

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What is discrimination (across societies and cultures)?

This week, we read and spoke about surgeries that have been done in order to fit individuals into accepted gender norms or within one standard deviation of ‘normal’.  Enlarged clitorises were cut down and gender was created based on the … Continue reading

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