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I am very much interested in gender studies and expression,and feminist and queer theory. I've just recently declared as a GSWS minor, and I am super excited about this class!

What is Privilege?

In answering the question what is privilege my first thought was my immediate assignation of “whiteness”. The second, my assignation of “male” to privilege. The third, my assignation of heterosexuality to privilege. After, I had to question why, even now, my … Continue reading

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Women and Costumes on Halloween

Last class we talked a bit about  Halloween and some people felt that women shouldn’t dress “provocatively” because it reflects badly on other women. They aren’t alone in thinking this way. Many women don’t agree with the common practice of … Continue reading

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Ezra Miller, Performing Gender, and “Queerness”

I came across this image on my tumblr and couldn’t help but share it with you. Ezra Miller is an American Actor, just recently in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, who, in this photo, seems to be embodying both … Continue reading

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Jim Bean Ad: A skewed portrayal of sex appeal and sexuality

This is an ad for Jim Bean Bourbon. I argue that it targets straight men. The first thing that I noticed was the woman that they had speaking. She is white and thin, therefore, what I and most would call … Continue reading

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