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Free Choice?

“William Wants a Doll. Can He Have One?” resonated with a particular family experience of mine. The “Stalled Revolution” of child rearing that Martin describes is definitely apparent in families today (Martin 458). Martin’s argument is that this stalling of … Continue reading

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Video Game Character Sex Change? This does not necessarily pertain to the division of labor we are currently speaking about, but I thought this article was extremely relevant to our class. It describes how Hoye, the father of a three-year-old daughter, hacked a Legend … Continue reading

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Be “Light” or Be Miserable?

Cosmopolitan recently published this Crystal Light advertisement. The Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade “On the Go” packet and text at the top of the ad (“Cop at the bar wants to cuff you. He’s off duty.”) appear standard for the sexually … Continue reading

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Lorber and Gould consider gender a restraining public performance. In high school, I was the only female in my AP physics class. One girl explained how she was not taking it because she felt intimidated by the gender discrepancy. Although … Continue reading

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