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It’s your organs that matter…

The video above shows Tyra interviewing the families of transgender children as well as the child themselves. Josie, born Joey, is just 8 and has always known she was a girl, regardless of whether her parents knew or not. She … Continue reading

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Gender Talk

It’s hard enough trying to fit into society when you “meet societal norms,” but when people deem you as a “deviant” of these norms, the challenge of fitting in is amplified and made virtually impossible. This is the constant message … Continue reading

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Maybe not all hope is lost? Vick’s Vapor Rub commercial

As an NFL quarterback, Drew Brees exemplifies an “all American” dream man, a manly man. But here the same Drew Brees is seen breaking gender roles and rubbing Vapor Rub on, what is portrayed to be, his son to help … Continue reading

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What is discrimination?

We’ve all seen this picture before. However, what we may not have seen is how that is discrimination. We are being classified and categorized, not based on our individual merit or accomplishments, but rather on a race or ethnicity we … Continue reading

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