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Louis Vuitton: L’Invitation au Voyage The Louis Vuitton commercial “L’Invitation au Voyage” employs fantasy and images of beauty to sell the brand. It is not entirely clear what the ad is selling. My best guess is the purse, which only gets a few seconds … Continue reading

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Culture Problems and Culture Change

There’s a frustrating tendency in gender studies to point out problems—label them as cultural, perhaps—and leave it there. It’s a bit ironic, considering women’s/gender studies emerged as the academic attempt to legitimize change-based political movements. But, somehow, discussions of how … Continue reading

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BMW: You Won’t Miss a Thing.

BMW’s 2012 “Caught” commercial purports to advertise the rear-view camera feature in BMW cars. In reality, it’s advertising something else entirely: sex. The ad therefore supports Kilbourne’s claims that non-intimate heterosexual sex between young and attractive bodies is the primary … Continue reading

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Imagining a Post-Gender World: Free Choice, Imagination, and Language

Christine Delphy implores us to imagine a post-gender world. I’ve been thinking about this, trying to imagine such a world, and I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t gotten very far. It’s telling, though, illustrative of how fundamental sex and gender … Continue reading

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