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Sh*t “Ilan” Says

I came up with the idea for this blog post last week, and have been compiling phrases since December 1, 2012. “Ilan” is a good friend of mine and hall mate for the second year now. I consider “Ilan” to … Continue reading

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The screening of Missrepresentation drew light on aspects of the effects of media representation on the perception and treatment of women in the U.S. For one, the film claimed that the media’s treatment of women held enormous political ramifications.  To … Continue reading

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Help or Oppression?

I like to think that I can spot oppression when I see it. Sometimes it is so blatant that it is actually nearly impossible to miss. However, I consider the most dangerous form of oppression is that, which is so … Continue reading

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Ikea: Florian has something to hide

In 2010, Ikea released a commercial in Austria, featuring a man in a rush to have sex with a woman. When the couple gets to the apartment, they start to disrobe but are interrupted by the arrival of the man’s … Continue reading

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“Into the Future: Concluding Remarks” Presenter: David Halperin Commentator: Lance Wahlert David Halperin is a University of Michigan professor, who has written several books, including “What do Gay Men Want? An essay on Sex, Risk, and Subjectivity.” Halperin elaborated on … Continue reading

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