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What is justice? The Cleveland Bus Driver

I’ve written about this topic in an earlier post but I will return to it. A friend of mine recently showed me this video in which an altercation between a male bus driver and a female passenger includes the driver … Continue reading

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“Girls love guys who are assholes”

I just read the bell hooks reading “Seduced by Violence No More” in which she argues against the “rape culture” supported by “basic hetero-sexist ‘eroticism’”. Much of what she said, especially about women (and men) preferring males who display more … Continue reading

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Benevolent discrimination of “Obesity”

What is discrimination? On Tuesday, I went on a walk with a friend of mine who is a health and societies major. Wanting to test the ideas of Marilyn Wann’s Fat Studies, I asked him vaguely what he thought of … Continue reading

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One Direction: The Boy Band Image

I was listening to music on Youtube when I came across this ad for a boy band named One Direction (seen on the left and right sides of the video). I had no idea who One Direction was before this … Continue reading

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Physical Abuse between Genders: A Social Experiment

For my high school psychology class final project, a friend and I conducted a social experiment to study societal views of physical abuse between males and females. My proposal to my teacher read something like this: “Growing up, boys often … Continue reading

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