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Double Standards? I was browsing Clutch Magazine Online’s website, and I happened to stumble upon the article above. The title of the article sparked my curiosity because it sounded like something that was too ridiculous to be true. I started reading … Continue reading

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No Children, No Problem?

Women today are more inspired than ever to become strong-minded, independent women. Many of us are rejecting the gender roles and expectations that were typical in previous generations. The traditional role housewife is no longer the only occupation for a … Continue reading

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Dolce & Gabbana

As a consumer, the first problem that I have with this advertisement is that I cannot figure out what exactly Dolce & Gabbana is trying to sell. Since the female appears to be the focus of this advertisement, I am … Continue reading

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What is Fairness?

Young adults in modern American society are perceived as more sexually expressive than their parents and grandparents ever were. People are becoming increasingly comfortable and accepting of open discussions about sex. However, there seems to be a blatant double standard … Continue reading

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