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What is oppression?

Why are we as people of society never pleased with one type of body? I just had a conversation with a friend about the supermodel Kate Upton, who in some ways physically conforms to “body ideals” and in other ways … Continue reading

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Really WordPress?

I didn’t plan this post, but thought it would be interesting to bring up.  After posting my most recent Spark Post (not very long ago), WordPress showed me a confirmation (“You have published this many posts” or something) and under … Continue reading

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On Living with a Man

I live with a man who describes himself as a feminist.  Considering this, it might sound surprising (or maybe not?) that our lifestyle has mildly fallen into tasks associated with each of our genders. I typically spend one Saturday morning … Continue reading

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Men– Also misrepresented?

One important statistic which prompted discussion within Miss Representation was that when choosing a political leader, we are typically only choosing from a 6% of the population—more or less, white, straight, middle-aged men with a couple other specific characteristics.  Because … Continue reading

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Women in a “Gender-Neutral” Sport

I will be referring to this article in my post.  It’s not long, and it’s very grabbing!  This is a remarkably interesting topic for me, as I, a female, have competitively ridden horses for almost thirteen years. I will be the … Continue reading

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Critique of Axe’s “Clean Your Balls” Commercial

Shorter version: This ad clearly targets an audience of men, selling values of heterosexual expectations and heterosexual gazes. The ad features two attractive women at the center of attention, acting as “color” on an otherwise plain stage.  The women are … Continue reading

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