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I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania.

Miss Representation

Miss representation was a fascinating and wonderful documentary. I definitely agree with a point the movie brought up, which was: the sexuilization and “dumbing down” of women works to cast women aside, especially when it comes to positions of power. … Continue reading

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Gender Talk (Extra Credit)

I wish I knew more about what it’s like to have a non cis gender. After listening to my fellow students: laughing, crying, and trying to understand their plight, I feel completely powerless. One person talked about having a series … Continue reading

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Carl’s Jr: Love Burger

The reason this advertisement is so funny is because it makes light of the fact that men are expected to objectify their partners. The fact that “our society encourages women to see themselves as objects” (Hesse-Biber, 62) has produced a … Continue reading

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What is discrimination?

Discrimination is not merely dividing a group of people into sub-groups, but unfairly favoring one group over the other. I’ve been very luckily because, until recently, I had never faced overt gender discrimination. My family revolves around women. My mom … Continue reading

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