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Date Rape Awareness ads Today a friend of mine sent me a link to this page highlighting efforts made in the UK to spread awareness about sexual assault. While this is a great step forward in terms of the public view of sexual … Continue reading

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For What Am I Responsible?

Responsibility to act should not have to fall on the oppressed. While I do not feel that I am actively oppressed my mainstream media/advertising, it does not mean I can sit and idly watch it happen. Our recent reading of … Continue reading

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Kay necklaces

The ad chosen is the Kay Jewelers “Storm” television advertisement for a line of necklaces. Opening with an exceedingly attractive white couple alone in an affluent-looking cabin, the women jumps into her lover’s arms seeking protection from the “frightening” thunder. … Continue reading

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Bioethics Talk on HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

Gender studies extra credit 9/21/12 The talk I attended was given by Cindy Patton and was entitled, “The Cost of Science: Knowledge and Ethics in HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Trials”. The respondent was Sharrona Pearl. I chose this talk because it … Continue reading

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