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White Empowerment through the New PlayStation

There was a controversial advertisement placed on billboard in the Netherlands that advertised the new PlayStation Portable White. As normal as this advertisement may be in the Netherlands, it was incredibly insulting to others especially in the United States where … Continue reading

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Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends Video

On November 2oth, a satirical video went viral on Youtube and sparked some controversy on Facebook along with the Penn community. This video was meant to be an ironic video trying to get straight men to support gay marriage which … Continue reading

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“Spectacular”, PSA or just an excuse?

I heard about this music video about 2 years ago close to when it came out and was completely disgusted by what I believed the message of the song was, and what the past Disney actress was doing in her … Continue reading

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Calvin Klein X Marks the Spot

You would expect a men’s underwear advertisement to attract male viewers, describing what makes that specific underwear line attractive to buyers. However, the Calvin Klein X Marks the Spot commercial ( uses a ridiculous amount of curse words and oiled … Continue reading

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Is there such thing as free choice?

When immigrants moved to the “melting pot” known as America, they looked for the freedom to do things that their countries did not allow for. With a mix of different cultures, races, genders, and job opportunities, America gives the impression … Continue reading

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