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What is Freedom?: The Importance of Language

Freedom to express one’s identity is an important goal for society, and often one thinks of this freedom in terms of freedom of action- to do what one pleases. However, freedom in action requires freedom in language: creating a language … Continue reading

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The Slutcracker

This year, one of my friends is in The Slutcracker, a burlesque version of the Nutcracker. This show puts both men and women, though mostly women, on display, perhaps allowing the objectification of their bodies by turning them into spectacle. … Continue reading

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What is Oppression?: How we view ourselves

Oppression is often viewed as the result of an external force holding people down. In Bordo and Hesse-Biber’s discussion of the media and food industries, we see that both have become oppressive forces perpetuating unhealthy body images and lifestyles. However, … Continue reading

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Citi’s “The Ex” or How to Sell Women

In “The Ex,” Citigroup advertises their CitiCard’s Private Pass benefits. After a man is dumped for being boring, he researches these, saying: “That’s how I met Marilyn, Giada, and Alicia.” His encounters with these women illustrate the card granting men … Continue reading

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Love Joule – A Female Masturbation Bar in Tokyo

Female masturbation is a taboo subject in most societies. Often not openly discussed or joked about, it contrasts strongly with male masturbation. Today, I read an article on HuffPost about a bar in Japan that is trying to change this: … Continue reading

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Bioethics Conference

“Down & Out: Ethical Treatment of War Related PTSD in LGBT Veterans” by Jennifer Terry Respondent: Beth Linker A central claim of this talk was that victims of PTSD should not all be ranked equally. They must be distinguished from one … Continue reading

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