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What is Privilege?

Watching The Business of Being Born brought up for me the question of what it means to be privileged. I have always thought of our birthing process as a privilege — women are allowed to give birth in a clean, safe, … Continue reading

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The Obesity Myth

The Obesity Myth, by Paul Campos, is a book which talks about how the correlation between weight and health is more tenuous then most people tend to believe. The book relates a lot to what Wann talks about in her … Continue reading

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Bacardi Rum

  In Killing Us Softly, Kilbourne talks about women being represented as objects. Here, this woman is being sold. Her image takes up almost the entire page, whereas the actual product takes up only a small space. Also, the logo is … Continue reading

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Weight Determines Happiness in Marriage? Oftentimes, scientific studies are used to support and defend sexist and heteronormative ideas in our society. In this specific study, which was published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, scientists concluded that couples in which the … Continue reading

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Is Equality Possible?

In class, we talked about how people are capable of making distinctions without placing a value judgement on them. For example, we are able to distinguish apples from oranges without saying that apples are superior to oranges. However, would this … Continue reading

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