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Body Integrity Identity Disorder

Our discussion in class yesterday about transgenderism and gender identity disorder/ gender dysphoria reminded me of a disorder, Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), that will be added to DSM V.  BIID is “when a person’s idea of how they should … Continue reading

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What is Oppression?

Oppression: imposing power over others in unjust, discriminatory ways.  Oppression: forcing compliance with certain societal standards, or otherwise imposing unfair treatment, judgments, and limitations.  Oppression: being forced to identify as female or male.  According to marriage or drivers’ licenses, even … Continue reading

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Love through Acceptance I would like to share a most touching story.  It is an article about a transgender woman, Andy Marra, coming out to her birth mother.  Andy was adopted by an American family but always wanted to find her Korean … Continue reading

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Disabilities and Identity

Yesterday I was in a crowded elevator going to work in the Student Health building, when the boy next to me (who I would guess was about 16) started talking to himself. His mother who was petting his face turned … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes Reinforce Gender Binary I came across this website will looking online for Halloween costumes and I found it fascinating.  It shows how different the same costume can play out for males and females. The website pairs the female and male version to … Continue reading

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Nothing fake about ’em

I came across this advertisement in Cosmopolitan, and I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that sexual references are used to sell just about anything in this magazine and elsewhere.  This ad deliberately juxtaposes two bags of chips in front of … Continue reading

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Normalizing Abuse

The video we watched in class Killing Us Softly 4 by Jean Kilbourne really shocked me as I was not previously aware of all of the hidden messages advertisements can have. I was especially shocked by the last segment that … Continue reading

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Bioethics: ACT UP

I went to Deborah K. Gould’s talk about “Moving Politics: Emotion and ACT UP’s Fight Against AIDS,” with Heather Love as the respondent.  Gould talked about her work in ACT UP and the role of homosexual individuals during the outbreak … Continue reading

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