Media Analysis Project Videos

In the links below, you will find the final video projects created by the students in GSWS 002, Gender and Society for fall 2012. The videos identify a conventional narrative of gender and/or sexuality in a media source, analyze and critique this narrative and the media source, suggest an alternative narrative, and attempt to prompt you, the viewer, to take action. The students had some rigid constraints under which they labored to bring these video projects to fruition. Chief among those constraints was a max time limit of FIVE MINUTES for the content of the video (credits and source listings could begin after 5min). Anyone in video production or filmmaking will tell you that five minutes is a very short period of time in which to convey a lot of information. Despite this limiting factor, many of these videos aptly demonstrate that it is possible to change someone’s mind, to get someone to engage in critical self-reflection, or get someone to commit to changing a behavior or practice, in JUST FIVE MINUTES.

So please, click “play” on a video below, sit back and enjoy, be surprised, get angry, get provoked, be inspired and then share, comment, and repost on your own site/blog/profile!

79 students, 20 groups, 20 videos.

Day Class GSWS 002-001

Group 1: Why Can’t Mindy Have it All? Work/Life Imbalance in Sitcoms with Women in Lead Roles

Group 2: Violence and Masculinity in Twilight: Re-imagining Edward

Group 3: Nicki Minaj and the Gender Binary

Group 4: Exoticism, Eroticism, and the “Oriental Suite” Lingerie Collection from La Perla

Group 5: Carl Jr’s Distortion of Reality

Group 6: “Friend Zone” in Made of Honor & My Best Friend’s Wedding

Group 7: Female Same Gender Relationships in Oscar Nominated Films (2002-2012)

Group 8: Eroticization of Violence in Dolce and Gabbana Advertisements

Group 9: A Public Service Announcement for those who watch Lifetime Movie Network

Group 10: Has Hollywood Lost It? Virginity and the Performance of Gender on the Big Screen

Group 11: Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! The exchange and objectification of women in Disney films

Group 12: Put A Ring on It

Group 13: Decoding Cosmopolitan and their “Fun, Fearless, Female” Readers

Group 14:Eroticizing Sexual Violence against Women in High Fashion Advertisements

Group 15: Dessert Double Bind: Women and Sweets in the Media

Night Class GSWS 002-601

Group 1: False Empowerment Packaged by Teen Magazines

Group 2: Masculinity, Psy, and the international popularity of “Gangnam Style”

Group 3: The One with the Gender Role Reversals: Learning Gender Roles through Laughter on “Friends”

Group 4: Sexing Perfection, Control, and Madness in “The Black Swan”

Group 5: Cringing at the Other: Beauty and Voyeurism in “Toddlers and Tiaras”

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