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Power and Media in “Miss Representation”

Jennifer Siebel’s “Miss Representation” is a response to her own fears of raising her first daughter. The statistics, images, and soundbites in the film present a discouraging picture of the connection between two American cultural mainstays: media and power. In … Continue reading

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Culture Problems and Culture Change

There’s a frustrating tendency in gender studies to point out problems—label them as cultural, perhaps—and leave it there. It’s a bit ironic, considering women’s/gender studies emerged as the academic attempt to legitimize change-based political movements. But, somehow, discussions of how … Continue reading

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What is oppression?

I’ve always thought of oppression as powerful people taking advantage of those “beneath” them.  However, this isn’t the case.  As Beauvoir says in The Second Sex, “…Man can think of himself without woman.  She cannot think of herself without man.”(Beauvoir, 33). … Continue reading

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