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Irin Carmon: “Body Politics”

The major central claims that Irin Carmon made in her talk were that a woman’s status in society is directly related to the reproductive rights of women and she explained three of the key reasons for positive things happening regarding … Continue reading

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What is inequity?

The article on Swedish parental leave shows just how restricted the dialogue on work and family life in the US is.  People are constantly debating how women can “have it all”, if that is even possible.  What is missing from this picture is … Continue reading

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What’s at Stake in the Presidential Election – Drugs, Gender and Prioritizing Our Values

After the debate Wednesday night, I expected the panelists in “What’s in Stake in the 2012 Election” to prioritize taxes above anything else. Interestingly, the panelists agreed that the most pressing issue of the 2012 election would be the War … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights and the 2012 Election

As a non-affiliated registered voter with very political friends, I am often presented with different speeches and materials as to why I should vote democrat or republican.  One of my friends, who is currently working for the Obama campaign, sent … Continue reading

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