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Tough Guise

The film “Tough Guise” explores the construction of masculinity. One of the themes is that the current masculine ideal is someone who is “tough physically and emotionally”. Physical toughness is shown as being physically imposing. Mental toughness is shown as … Continue reading

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I Take The Second Shift.

I live with a roommate who is a boy. Surprisingly, we are not your typical messy college boys. Our apartment is usually praised for being relatively clean in relation to other college students. One of the suites down the hall … Continue reading

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Ezra Miller, Performing Gender, and “Queerness”

I came across this image on my tumblr and couldn’t help but share it with you. Ezra Miller is an American Actor, just recently in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, who, in this photo, seems to be embodying both … Continue reading

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Dove For Men 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj0taJVkpVY&playnext=1&list=PLCA4562476DA72BE5&feature=results_main In this Dove for Men commercial, the actor describes what it means to “be a man” throughout your life.  This list includes, “Be good at sports”, “lift weights, be strong, know how to fight”, and “don’t show your sensitive … Continue reading

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“Men don’t want to look at naked men”

JBS Underwear ran a 2006 advertising campaign with the tagline, “Men don’t want to look at naked men.”  The commercial (found here) and a series of print advertisement feature slender, topless females modeling the male underwear line.  The models are … Continue reading

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Old Spice, Race & Gender

This is a compilation of a series of Old Spice TV commercials. The commercials feature the extraordinarily muscular Terry Crews, a former NFL player turned actor, claiming that Old Spice body wash blocks body odor for sixteen hours. The product’s … Continue reading

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I applaud LivingSocial.com for cheekily poking fun at gender norms (rather than adhering to them) and actually depicting its product (online experience-based flash deals) in a relevant manner in this 2011 ad, unlike most of the ads covered by Kilbourne … Continue reading

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Citi’s “The Ex” or How to Sell Women

In “The Ex,” Citigroup advertises their CitiCard’s Private Pass benefits. After a man is dumped for being boring, he researches these, saying: “That’s how I met Marilyn, Giada, and Alicia.” His encounters with these women illustrate the card granting men … Continue reading

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“My mind is telling me that you are a great guy… but my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.”

To what will or must you react? In Louie C.K.’s television program Louie, the episode “Bully” features an exchange between two males in the presence of a female, which acts as a messy examination of the mixed expectations that men … Continue reading

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