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Ask Me Why I Wear Pink.

I am in an Education class where we go to a local elementary school once a week to observe children in reguards to a topic we have every week. Last week, we were dicussing gender and children. We brought up … Continue reading

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What is Free Choice?

After reading Lisa Belkin’s “When Mom and Dad Split it all,” I began wondering: even as families try to reconstruct gender norms in parenting roles, is there such a thing has having free choice or we ultimately weighed down on some … Continue reading

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Dr. Pepper Ten Ad Critique

Overall, I think the purpose of this advertisement is to say ‘men can drink this low calorie soda, even though diet sodas are stereotypically associate with women’.  The goal is to take away this gender divide and make it okay … Continue reading

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“The New Normal”

I tuned in to the first episode of “The New Normal” on NBC, and I was shocked at the way the gay couple was portrayed. The show displayed a homosexual couple in a heterosexual relationship. In other words, one partner … Continue reading

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The Harm Caused by Comedians

Before this class, I never had a problem with comedians joking about stereotypes. I would always say they were just making jokes that are not meant to be taken seriously. However, I now realize that comedians play a huge role … Continue reading

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Fat and Gender Stereotypes

First of all, I’m so glad we’re talking about fat studies in class! I’ve always been really passionate about the intersection between feminism and fat studies but didn’t know people actually studied it, so this is great.  I actually first … Continue reading

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