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What is Privilege?

In answering the question what is privilege my first thought was my immediate assignation of “whiteness”. The second, my assignation of “male” to privilege. The third, my assignation of heterosexuality to privilege. After, I had to question why, even now, my … Continue reading

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What class?

It’s difficult to find a good place to start when critiquing this Mercedes-Benz advert from last year. Upon first viewing the ad, it’s almost impossible to discern what it’s attempting to sell. The majority of the photo is dominated by … Continue reading

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What’s at stake in the 2012 presidential election

We’ve come a long way in terms of LGBT and women’s rights, but if the Democrats don’t win the election, all of that progress may be reversed.  Both Rue Landau and Carol Tracy touched upon the progress made in the … Continue reading

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