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Pepe Le Pew, The Rapist

I frequently watch “Adult Swim” on Cartoon Network while I do work; recently while studying well into the night, I watched “Adult Swim” switch back to Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes was coming on.  Having not seen it since I … Continue reading

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Modern Family – not so funny!

So I’m currently sitting in front of the fire, rather annoyed. I wanted to watch something funny, so I went to hulu and decided to watch the most recent episode of Modern Family. I’m only 10 minutes in and I’m … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping while Supporting Women in Transition

Ten Thousand Villages is a store that supports fair trade (more:  On Sunday, 16-Dec, they are holding an event where money raised supports Women in Transition, an organization to help women rebuild their lives away from different types of … Continue reading

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Stories about “the first time”

Our Media Project was about how boys must lose their virginity to become men in Hollywood films.  Here’s a poem from Excelano (the AMAZING spoken word group on campus) which puts two stereotypes (guys having sex, girls falling in love) … Continue reading

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How to be classy?

Can we just talk about how a man writes a book telling women how to be classy? Here is the  link for him talking about it:

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Watch this!

I just saw this short video about women in advertisements, and it covers a lot of the same material that was in our MAP videos. I highly suggest you watch it!

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Whale vs. Mermaid

Find below a link to one woman’s oppositional gaze to a poster at her gym that asked customers if they’d rather be a whale or mermaid.  

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The Privilege of Sexual Empowerment

I am a very confused feminist. I believe that pornography degrades women, positioning them into an object of a male’s desires. I also believe that a woman should be able to feel empowered in her sexuality by engaging in pornography. … Continue reading

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Gender Neutral Childhood Possibilities This article discusses how a Swedish toy company has reversed gender roles in their holiday catalog. Girls are playing with action figures and boys are playing with doll houses. Also, Sweden has proposed using the pronoun “hen” to replace … Continue reading

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Should toys be gender-neutral?

As reported on MSNBC, Mattel and other toy companies are now turning to more gender-neutral marketing tactics to sell toys to children, so boys are being shown playing with what was historically known as “girls” toys and vice versa. … Continue reading

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