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Advertisement Critique in Different Cultures/Countries

As a Korean American, “Killing Me Softly” was a really interesting documentary because I could compare American and Korean style advertising. Take a look at the following commercial for Korean style vodka. The female in this video is a very … Continue reading

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Oppositional View of Democratic Party

I recently attended Irin Carmon’s ‘Body Politics’ talk. One of the things that struck me was her clear distaste of the Republican Party. This is a common sentiment among feminists and gender studies related experts. This is understandable looking at the Democrats’ … Continue reading

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Affirmation Action

As my roommate is looking for corporate internships in the summer, I absorbed a lot of the information. I became aware of special employment opportunities for LGBTQ students. At first, I was confused why sexual orientation should be a factor. … Continue reading

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Easy A: Slut Shaming

In Easy A, a female high school student (Olive) becomes labeled a “whore” because of rumors that are started about her having sex with many social outcasts of the school. First, the film negatively portrays Christianity. As movie viewers, we … Continue reading

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Irin Carmon: Body Politics

Irin Carmon is a feminist blogger at and an author. At Penn, she talked about the various difficulties women face to take control of their bodies, the politics that surround women rights, and hope she has for the future. … Continue reading

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Gender Talk

In Gender Talk, various performers spoke and performed their thoughts about their non- cis gender identity. One performer talked about his inner conflict as a latino male and as a homosexual. He felt that “he was not in the middle … Continue reading

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How will you act towards consumerism?

Before taking this class, I was pretty ignorant about how women were objectified and sexualized in consumerism. Needless to say, I am now much more aware and critical of advertisements, shows, and music videos I watch. However, these views are … Continue reading

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Dolce and Gabbana Watches

This advertisement for Dolce and Gabbana exemplifies Tsai’s arguments about stereotyping gay people. It shows a white man and a woman rushing to meet their respective gay partners in a city. They are physically fit and young, with conventionally beautiful … Continue reading

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Presidential Election Panel

Professor Smith claims that the role of the national government is at stake in the presidential election. Ever since the American Independence, people have been wary of large national governments. The rise of the Tea Party is an example of … Continue reading

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