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Miss Representation

The documentary “Miss Representation” was about the depiction of women in the media and its effect on women in power, specifically in government. One central claim made by the documentary is that the portrayal of women in the media has … Continue reading

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Cascade Commercial

In “Reconstructed Gender”, Judith Lorber states, “Gender is so pervasive in our society that we assume it is bred in our genes.” Gender expectations and roles are constantly perpetuated in commercials. At first, this commercial seems to be challenging gender … Continue reading

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Sexist Remote Control Beer Cooler Commercial

The advertisement posted below is for a remote control beer cooler: This advertisement is extremely sexist and targeted to heterosexual men. As Lorber expressed, the creation of two distinct genders allows for a stratification of the genders, and the male … Continue reading

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“The New Normal”

I tuned in to the first episode of “The New Normal” on NBC, and I was shocked at the way the gay couple was portrayed. The show displayed a homosexual couple in a heterosexual relationship. In other words, one partner … Continue reading

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The Harm Caused by Comedians

Before this class, I never had a problem with comedians joking about stereotypes. I would always say they were just making jokes that are not meant to be taken seriously. However, I now realize that comedians play a huge role … Continue reading

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What’s at Stake in the 2012 Election?

Seven panelists spoke on Thursday about what is at stake in the election. Mary Berry central claim was that the courts are at stake. She argued that the courts are vital for social movements. Obama has appointed a few more … Continue reading

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For what are we responsible?

As we discussed in class, gender is something socially constructed and performed. Most people do not realize that they are perpetuating gender stereotypes every day.    We are responsible for the gender roles that women and men are expected to … Continue reading

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