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From text to reality

My boyfriend came out to me as a trans man. Mysteries began to unravel and gaps were filled.  His strained relationship with parents, delicate features, and cracking voice were suddenly explained.  He was born with an enlarged clitoris and a … Continue reading

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What is oppression?

My interest in the Middle East was sparked midway through my senior year while reading Geraldine Brook’s Nine Parts of Desire, an incredible piece of investigative journalism that deconstructs conceptions of Islam encouraging feminine oppression.  To highlight how modern Islamic … Continue reading

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Surgery in South Korea

After watching this video, affectionately titled “Why are Koreans so into their Looks?”, and examining the nation’s trends under a sociological perspective, I suddenly became able to reconcile my ambiguous sentiments towards contemporary South Korean culture.  I grew up in … Continue reading

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(2001) Sisley-Paris Cosmetics ft. Josie Maran, photographed by Terry Richardson

Although Sisley-Paris is a cosmetics company, the whole of its 2001 ad campaign seems to target heterosexual males and exudes misogynistic sentiment and values for women to emulate, which caused me to be extremely critical out of disgust and outrage. … Continue reading

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