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Pepe Le Pew, The Rapist

I frequently watch “Adult Swim” on Cartoon Network while I do work; recently while studying well into the night, I watched “Adult Swim” switch back to Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes was coming on.  Having not seen it since I … Continue reading

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Miss Representation

In “Miss Representation” one very important claim that was made was that the media makes it virtually impossible for young girls to look up to the right kinds of role models. Instead of showcasing the very accomplished women who have … Continue reading

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Rape Culture and the Eroticism of Violence

In class today, we spoke about rape culture and sexualized violence against women. Oftentimes, rape is an unspoken atrocity in our society. It is a difficult topic and few people want to openly discuss the reasons behind this vicious act. … Continue reading

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For/To what will you or must you re/act? – Rape in our Culture

I recently visited my brother in Medical School at UVA.  On Saturday night, we went out to a bar with his mature, med school friends.   I soon found out that his friends were not so mature, knowledgeable, or even civilized.  … Continue reading

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Broomsticks and Chicks

http://www.thedignifieddevil.com/the-sexist-ad-of-the-week-10 This ad is for slacks, but upon first inspection, one would not know that. There is a group of men encircling a woman in her underwear, grabbing on her and smiling menacingly. Although she has a smile on her … Continue reading

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Normalizing Abuse

The video we watched in class Killing Us Softly 4 by Jean Kilbourne really shocked me as I was not previously aware of all of the hidden messages advertisements can have. I was especially shocked by the last segment that … Continue reading

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