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FOX’s “The War on Men” I became aware of this article yesterday by a friend; it relies heavily on a definition of a woman. People are forgetting that a marriage is a partnership with an individual that they connect with. By getting lost in … Continue reading

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Gender Talk

I found the “Gender Talk” at the LGBT Center to be very enlightening. One of the first things that seemed to catch my attention was that the presenters who discussed their transexuality shared a resentment for their past. Their life … Continue reading

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Battle of the Sexes The first thing that came to mind while viewing this commercial was that this is completely sexist. As well as profiling a certain type of behavior for sexes, it muddles the meaning of sex and gender. It assumes the … Continue reading

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Reebok – Easytone

This commercial suggests a woman is nothing but legs and butt; faces on women are irrelevant. She is portrayed as playful, cute, and athletic with a touch of sexy. Although the item being sold in the forefront is sneakers, the … Continue reading

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Bioethics: Whose Body is it Anyway?

Whose Body is it Anyway? Sexual Transformation in Germany (1890 – 1933) Presenter: Sander L. Gilman, Emory Univeristy Respondent: Max Cavitch Gilman focused a great amount of his presentation on the story of Karl M. Baer and uses this to … Continue reading

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What is freedom?

Although there is a very concrete definition as to what “freedom” is, it seems that its definition varies between individuals. One person’s freedom may be equivalent to another person’s imprisonment. A person’s definition of the term affects her behavior. In … Continue reading

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